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In the pod ‘How to Heritage’, researchers part of the Heritage Transformations Network explore issues pertaining to heritage transformations. This pod is part of the Heritage Transformations Network at Uppsala University and is founded by Centre for Integrated research on Culture and Society (CIRCUS).

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Friday May 12, 2023

What does ’heritage’ mean in a traditional Italian context? And why is a more complex understanding of the concept and its practice interesting to an early modern historian? In this episode, Professor Federico Barbierato from Verona University discusses the Italian perspective and entanglements between heritage and history with Helena Wangefelt Ström from the department of ALM in Uppsala.

Thursday Jan 05, 2023

What can thinking about heritage transformation bring to the table in museum participation and the other way around? In this episode, Inge Zwart discusses two ideas about heritage transformation in participatory projects: how heritage objects and heritage making practices can be seen as changing or transforming in processes of participation.

Monday Nov 14, 2022

What can we learn when we pay attention to the landscape of commemoration? In this episode, Doron Eldar explore the spatiality of memory and how the built memoryscape can tell us: who is in power, who belongs to the collective, and why conflicts over monuments have more to do with the present than the past.

Friday May 06, 2022

This pod explores how the concept of ignorance might be useful to heritage studies. With the help of knowledge, ignorance and epistemic hierarchies, Emma Hagström Molin explains how she approach the Mitau files; a collection of documents that were abducted from Mitau castle in Livonia in 1621 by the Swedish army. When following these files over centuries, a history of power and knowledge appears, however, the documents’ fate simultaneously includes absence, ignorance, and even fiction.

Tuesday Apr 05, 2022


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